Some Ideas on Living in Tokyo at the CCA

Some Ideas on Living in Tokyo at the CCA

Regina Yunghans
Sep 24, 2008

House A: multiple distinct uses in a single space. photo:

We finally made it to the current Some Ideas on Living in London and Tokyo exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Here we'll share the Tokyo half of the exhibit: the work of architect Ryue Nishizawa, founding partner, with Kazuyo Sejima, of SANAA. In his residences you'll see a sparseness that is inspiring to some, cold to others...

Lots of plants soften the stark whiteness of the Moriyama House. photo:

Moriyama House: a modern idea on living nestled into a traditional Tokyo neighborhood photo: Takashi Homma

For a pedestrian's experience of Moriyama House, watch this You Tube clip.

Nishizawa's ideas of living in Tokyo fall in step with some of AT's ideas of living simply in NY, Chicago, LA, DC, wherever you are. We'll share the London half of the CCA exhibit, the work of Stephen Taylor, in coming days.

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