My inspiration folder is bursting with colorful summer designs, and I'm happy to share some of my current obsessions to help you get through this Monday morning.

Statement Rug: A stunning Asian-inspired powder room caught my eye as it features girly chinoiserie-esque wallpaper, a red lacquer vanity, and a luxurious oriental rug that more timid homeowners might be afraid to put down in a wet room.

Unexpected Paper: Chinoiserie gold foil wallpaper finds its way onto one wall in a narrow kitchen, which is completely whitewashed and open-shelved to enhance the space that is there.

Fun Elements: A warm formal living room has some surprising elements like a fun ceramic tree stump stool.

Balanced Objects: Carefully-selected bookcase contents in this room balance shape, color, and texture perfectly.

Simple Style: A front doorway reminiscent of art deco architecture in a simplified style is perched atop a yard where green grass grows around concrete pathstones.

Images: 1. Natalie Clayman Interior Design; 2. Domino; 3. Todd Romano; 4. Stephen Karlisch; 5. Architectural Digest.