Something Beautiful: Soy Teacup Candles

Tea parties were never really our bag. Mud puddles, Legos and Chemistry sets on the other hand, well, now you're talking. Which is why these sweet little teacups filled with handmade soy candles aren't normally something that would be on our radar. They seem to capture the innocence of a quaint past-time we never took part in, but they make us wish we would have. Click through the jump to see teacups of all eras...


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This Lemon Chiffon Candle might be just the thing your retro desk needs. The candles are made with all natural Soy Wax (they have less black soot than paraffin does, have a longer burn time and are completely renewable and Eco-friendly).

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This candle hits 3 great "C's" with cranberry, cardamom and clove. The teacup and saucer are made by Sterling China, in Wellsville, Ohio. Sterling made many teacups for trains, hotels and airports.

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Peony and White Tea fill the air when this candle is around. After the candle burns down you can use the set to drink your morning cup of tea in.

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This set is a 1950's, Platinum Starburst #1014 pattern. It's very mid century, and smells fantastic. It can be found on Etsy along with the other great candles from Something Beautiful.

All photos courtesy of Something Beautiful's Etsy Store.

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