Here's something that wouldn't have occurred to me: a piano painted to match the wall. I came across it on the website for design firm Incorporated and was transfixed.

I initially disliked it, mostly because I have an aversion to anything that's matchy matchy. But then I waffled… it is a smart way to elongate the space. And it looks cheerful with the canaries on top. Then I started imagining other items that could be painted to match walls — consoles, benches, old wooden chairs. Now I think it's clever.

What do you think? Is this a do or don't? Does it depend on the context? For example, I could see it working well on a table in a small entryway, but maybe not on an oversized dresser in a bedroom. Is it just a gimmick? Please share your opinion below.

See the rest of the apartment here.

(Image: Incorporated)