Team ATLA at the opening of Turquoise

Team ATLA at the opening of Turquoise

Gregory Han
Sep 6, 2006

Sometimes the most simplest of things happens to be the most difficult thing to do. And for Team ATLA, getting altogether has been that evasive goal often mentioned, but never achieved.

But this weekend, the Los Angeles team members of Apartment Therapy (Enrique, Jonathan, Stacie, Vanessa, Richele and myself) were finally able to convene all together to finally meet in person after months of working in conjunction, but remotely from our respective corners of the vast Southland. And as if we needed any further reason for the get together, this weekend also marked the official opening of ATLA's own Vanessa de Vargas' new Venice store, Turquoise.

A most splendid of Sunday afternoons was to be had over thai food, champagne and soft drinks, while we discussed our favourite experiences being part of Apartment Therapy, share some new ideas about possible plans for the site, all the while admiring the beautifully appointed interior of Vanessa's new store.

So a little more about our favourite new retail hangout and decor destination on Abbot Kinney: Turquoise is located within a building originally built for the Venice of the Americas Fair in 1905. The japanese-styled exterior housed a ticket booth for the fair originally, but later during the salad days of the 80's Venice punk rock scene, bands like Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies and the infamous Dogtown crew all crashed and performed inside the cozy confines of the house. And now today, 1641 Abbot Kinney Blvd. is a retail showroom filled with refinished vintage pieces reinterpreted with a contemporary twist, each room decorated with the same detail and care as a tasteful private residence, displaying the talent of one Vanessa de Vargas.

Exterior of Turquoise, Venice CA

Vanessa notes that she plans to continually update the rooms with new pieces, and will compliment the selection with modern accessories, including pillows, boxes, vases and candles. And we've got plans to host future ATLA events and meetings at the store, so we hope to see you there in the near future. Now that you know what we look like, be sure to say "hello" to your friends at Apartment Therapy Los Angeles.

1641 Abbot Kinney Blvd (near the corner of Venice and Abbot Kinney)
Open from 12-10pm Wednesday – Sunday

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