Sonic Impact SoundPads

Sonic Impact SoundPads

Mar 7, 2007

We're frustrated with our speakers. They take up space, they have long wires to hide, and they dot our apartment with little black boxes.

Sonic Impact SoundPads offer up an alternative, and a chance to get creative with our audio systems. Simply attach them to any surface or object, and they will turn it into a speaker. The possibilities seem endless and for only $19.99 for a set of two anyone can experiment with a little DIY audio system.

Questionable sound quality is an obvious drawback. However, several users have reported successful results. It is also recommended that you experiment with them a bit before committing the permanent adhesive to a surface. Unfortunately, we'll still need the wires to get these SoundPads to work, but at least we can do away with the little black boxes.

Available here.

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