Sony: We Pledge To Mainstream All-In-One Machines

Sony: We Pledge To Mainstream All-In-One Machines

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 4, 2008

Sony's sick of hearing about the downfall of desktops - they actually have a better idea: push for laptop-like desktops or "all-in-ones" for nearly all of their future desktop lines. That, in addition to all this Bluray recording and high-definition catering, should be enough to make any powerhouse users' heads explode.

"The VAIO JS, LV and RT desktop models all boast at least an optional integrated BD optical drive, and surprisingly, each model is incredibly distinct. For instance, the budget-minded JS boasts a 20.1-inch XBRITE-ECO LCD alongside an integrated webcam and microphone for $1,000, while the LV includes a 24-inch WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) screen, optional BD writer and built-in DVR functionality with up to 1TB of storage; furthermore, it offers an HDMI input for connecting your set-top-box or PS3. The $3,300 (and up) RT comes with a 25.5-inch Full HD LCD aimed at video editors, and there's also integrated digital TV tuners, HDMI in / out, up to 8GB of RAM and one of Intel's Core 2 Quad CPUs." -Engadget

It sounds like these should be coming out around mid-October. Better start pinching that wallet if you want one of the more powerful offerings - three grand is no joke!

[via Engadget]

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