Finally, there's a bit of sunshine here in the Midwest and we can throw open a window or two without freezing. While I already have a pretty ceramic windchime in my entryway, the cool breezes circulating the living room make me want to hang up one of the sophisticated, artful mobiles that have become so popular lately.

Mobiles are a wonderful way to add texture and depth to a room and to creatively fill empty spaces. While many mobiles look great solo, you can also pair them with art or hang them above a beloved piece of furniture, like a chair or end table, to make a statement.

1. The graceful lines and varied copper hues of the Cascade mobile would look lovely in an organic modern home. On sale for $337 (normally $675) at Design Within Reach.
2. A hip, geometric option from Artecnica. Coming soon.
3. Drifting leaves bring nature indoors on this Mora Mobile. $138 at Schmitt Design
4. Bright, multicolored stars to brighten up neutral spaces. $42 at The StarCraft's Etsy shop
5. The muted palette of this Balanchine mobile is calming and chic. $75 at Frazier & Wing.