Sound Dampening Using Custom Wall Art

Sound Dampening Using Custom Wall Art

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 26, 2011

Custom home theaters make for great intimate experiences with you and your guests or family, but you really need to push the boundaries in creativity if you are to set it apart from the rest. One way to do it is to explore artful options in the realm of sound dampening. Not only does it add some visual interest to the room, but we imagine your neighbors will thank you for it, too.

Although the room is only limited to 15x23 feet, the high ceilings, track lights, and theater-like layout gives the illusion of a much larger space. The black paint also is great for movie watching since it doesn't reflect light from the screen during projection.

The home theater designers Absolute Sound! built out custom wall coverings that would guarantee "tight and smooth bass in every seat." A challenging feat for such a small space, but using two DD-18 subwoofers, room correction software, and microphones, it proves a little patience goes a long way.

Additionally you have a Projection Design FL32 DLP projector with an LED lamp for low cost, high performance. A Panamorph DC1 anamorphic lens paired with a wider-than-usual screen helps achieve that perfect cinematic experience in the lovely aspect ratio of 2.35:1.

(Images: Electronic House)

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