Whether you fall under the designation of "push play and sit back" or a forever tweaking audiophile, there's a wide range of home audio solutions available for nearly every budget, any room. This year was marked as the year of the wireless speaker, whether it was a Bluetooth enabled or Airplay technology solution...

• 1 Stylish Speakers You Won't Want To Hide
• 2 Pay Attention to Wattage/Ohms in Home Theatre Speakers
• 3 Airplay Enabled Speakers For Wireless Streaming
• 4 Set Your Place Apart With These Uniquely Shaped Speakers
• 5 Dayton Audio B652 Bookshelf Speakers Review

• 6 Tired of Being Wired: Wireless Audio Speakers
• 7 New Speaker Search: Sounds 'Wood' To Us
• 8 Distinctive Desktop Computer Speakers For Every Budget
• 9 Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker
• 10 Best Stylish Compact Wireless Speakers

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