5 Sounds That Have Disappeared
In the Last Decade

5 Sounds That Have Disappeared
In the Last Decade

Chris Perez
Apr 19, 2013

Technology has advanced so quickly in the last decade that many of the devices and media we were once accustomed to seeing, hearing, and using have become completely obsolete. There was a time when homes and offices were equipped with loud dial-up modems, the chimes of AOL services, and the mechanical songs of dot matrix printers racing across filled the air. Take a journey back to those good ol' days by listening to some of the sounds that have practically disappeared from the public soundscape in just a decade.

You'd start the long process of getting online with this...

You'd open your email and hear this...

Printing out Mapquest directions sounded like this...

People had beepers and pagers that they bought from this guy...

And people had ringtones that sounded like this...

What sounds are you glad technology has made disappear?

(Image: Shutterstock)

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