Soup Cups: By White Forest Pottery

Soup Cups: By White Forest Pottery

Janel Laban
Dec 1, 2006

A big pot of soup is such a perfect meal to make for friends (especially on a snowy day like today). We love it because:

  • It can be hearty, fancy, comforting or exotic, depending on your mood and ingredients.
  • It's hard to really mess it up.
  • You can make it ahead so you aren't working away when you could be visiting.
  • A simple green salad tastes so good with it.
  • You can buy some delicious bread as a side (Red Hen, yum).
  • And finally, you can freeze whatever is left for a future treat.

    To serve up this deliciousness, we wish we had these small porcelain cups from White Forest Pottery. They have a white glaze on the inside and a warm amber glaze on the outside.

    The set of 4 is $69. Be warned - there are lots of gorgeous things on the White Forest site...

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