Souped Up StarWagons

Souped Up StarWagons

Grace Shu
Oct 16, 2007

They're filming some television show nearby. And by "they," we mean those fine folks who left a bright pink postcard on our door that said, "Filming Location!" on it, with the times that our house might end up in the background. And while we don't mind our house being an extra in some dramatic hour of primetime television, we do get peeved when a friggin' trailer blocks our driveway.

So, we did the polite thing: We told a producer to please move it because we needed to run some errands. Here's what we got: a pained look and the response of, "Really? But that's [name of some high-priced celebrity]'s trailer! And she hasn't left it yet!"

Well, bully for her. Some of us need groceries and shampoo. So, while we gnashed our teeth waiting for the trailer to be moved, we decided to go on the hunt for some trailer interiors. After all, we'd never tried to sneak in one...And holy crazy spandex, Batman! Some of these trailers--err, StarWagons--that you may see on your commute to work are decked out better than our living room! (This trailer here was designed by Fuse-id for some anonymous Hollywood A-Lister). And we say: if that's what trailers are looking like these days, no wonder actors don't leave. Oh, and nice West Elm chairs.

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