Source For Orange Velvet Curtains Like
Ina Garten's?

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Q: Ever since I saw Ina Garten's orange velvet curtains in her Manhattan apartment (featured in House Beautiful), I've been looking for something similar for my living room. The color is not very popular, because I've been looking all over the web for them for more than half a year now.

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The usual suspects, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, etc, tend to do red or burgundy for their velvet curtains, but never orange. I have looked into buying orange velvet fabric and having someone make them, but the time to search for the fabric and and the risk of getting shoddy workmanship is not worth it to me. Anyone seen these curtains anywhere in a store in NYC or online? I have a Pottery Barn budget, so 100% silk velvet curtains like Ina's are never going to happen. I am good with 100% cotton or 100% poly. Also, I have high ceilings, so I need curtains that are 108 inches or longer (the ones I've found so far have been at the most 96 inches). Thanks for any help you can provide!

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