Sources for Matching Containers

Sources for Matching Containers

Sarah Coffey
Sep 24, 2009

Matching containers are a great way to organize—especially stackable versions, which can easily adapt if you need to use them for a different purpose or rearrange them in a new space. The only problem is that whenever you buy multiples of something, costs can add up. To stay within budget while organizing, we have a few suggestions for inexpensive sources...

  • Dollar Stores: The key to shopping at the dollar store is to keep it simple. Look for basic tupperware, metal containers, and boxes that you can buy in bulk.
  • Big Box Retailers: Old standbys like IKEA, Target, and Costco stock low-priced containers that you can often buy in sets for less. IKEA's Lingo storage boxes are an Apartment Therapy favorite.
  • Your Own Pantry: Instead of buying a new set, clean out and re-use aluminum and tin cans. They're stackable, and you can buy can covers for them if necessary. Mason and Ball jars are other good bets.
  • Supply Stores: Be creative with your storage. Sets of inexpensive terra cotta pots from a garden supply store could hold office supplies. Heavy-duty boxes from a shipping supply store could look great stacked on a shelf. Stores that specialize in selling one type of thing often have goods in bulk at lower costs.
  • Art and Craft Stores: Places like Michael's and Pearl Art & Craft sell unfinished wood boxes and simple glass containers for craft projects. Use these plain or painted, in a set, for small storage.

Add your sources for cheap matching containers in the comments below.

Photo: Risager licensed via Creative Commons

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