Southwest Finalist #3: Jordan's Ordo Ab Chao

Southwest Finalist #3: Jordan's Ordo Ab Chao

Gregory Han
May 14, 2008

Name: Jordan
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Size & Type: 412 sq. ft. apartment rental
Original Entry: Click Here

Who was your favorite entry and why?
Tony and Hilary's 3-in-1 is just about as perfect as an apartment can get. It's not much larger than my own place yet it feels infinitely vaster. But for me, the real success of their decor is how designer'ish it looks without being uptight. That is to say, I feel like they'd probably be cool about it if I accidentally forgot to use a coaster.

What's your next improvement?

My downstairs neighbor's complaints about my noise has provided all the justification I need to buy area rugs. After that though, unless I stumble across any garbage pearls, I've got to take some time off from home improvement -- I've blown too much dough as it is. Besides, I think it'll be nice to enjoy my place instead of nitpicking what's left to be done with it.

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