Southwest Semi-Finalist #2: Laure's Sparkling Space

Southwest Semi-Finalist #2: Laure's Sparkling Space

Gregory Han
May 15, 2007

Name: Laure
Location: Venice, CA
Type: 550 sq.ft. 1-bedroom
Go to: Original Entry

Laura's favorite OTHER entry:

Laura's Fresh Start. I love how simple and streamlined her space is. I also love the palette, especially the blue, that she uses throughout the space. It looks livable, modern, and home-y.

What is your next improvement (if you could do anything)?:

Really I have a million of next projects. But the one I will probably work on is totransform my LONG hallway into a landing strip/homage to my ancestors. I love old family photos so I want to create a wall of photos that encompasses both sides of my family. I also want to improve the landing strip I have so that it can accommodate mail and not just things that hang. My hope is that this will make the hall more functional without making it feel cluttered.

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