Southwest Semi-Finalist #3: Eric and Ammo's Eye-Catching Abode

Southwest Semi-Finalist #3: Eric and Ammo's Eye-Catching Abode

Gregory Han
May 16, 2007

Name: Eric and Ammo
Location: Hollywood, CA
Type: 390 sq.ft. Studio Apt
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Eric and Ammo's favorite OTHER entry:

Our favorite other entry was New York's #13 Jawrite's Light Box." Jawrite's solution to the "bed in a studio" problem was ingenious. We are not fans of clutter, so devising a way to hide so many books seems very appealing. The lights in the boxes draw your eyes down the length of the apartment and out to the beautiful view of the city. We applaud Jawrite for his ability to think outside the box by embracing his white box of a studio. Our only regret is that Jawrite is selling such a beautiful place, but who knows, maybe the next owner will put down a rug and appease the AT community.

What is your next improvement (if you could do anything)?:

Our next improvement will be to find a solution for our bed. Currently it sits on a simple Hollywood frame which doesn't completely satisfy us. We would like something that makes the bed feel less obtrusive in our home without dividing the space from the main room. Having a mid-century style frame could draw more positive attention and make it flow with the surrounding furniture in our home.