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Have you ever sat down to start work in your home office and found yourself doing anything but the work that's in front of you? This could just be good ol' procrastination, but it could also be because your space is not properly set up to be productive. Setting up a proper workspace is often the easiest part of work to overlook, especially for the busy or self-employed. I find it useful to actually schedule in some time in that day planner to organize my space. Here's what works for me!

1. Labeled Storage Containers: One of the best ways to have a good overall flow in an office is to get anything that may be stacked around you off the floor. I find bins to be the easiest way to organize things because it's easy to throw any items in a bin where it belongs. Bins can be big or small, but I find it especially helpful to have floating shelves to store things up high. You can store paper, office supplies, scissors, paperwork, etc.

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2. Peg Boards To Hang Photos Or Store Tools: Try painting that brown peg board a colour that makes you feel happy so that you feel good about looking at it. Then decorate it with images of things that inspire you and use it as a place to hang hooks to store tools. It's pretty simple to implement, easy on your wallet, and may make sitting at your desk that much more enjoyable.

3. Use Either an Accordion Folder or a Proper Filing Cabinet: If you don't already file away receipts and important documents in a proper cabinet, it's an important task if you work from home. With papers coming in and going out all the time, it's easy to forget which ones are important and which ones aren't. The easiest way to keep things organized is with some sort of filing cabinet or storage system.

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4. Invest in Decent Lighting: Having a decent lamp or overhead lights can make all the difference when it comes to productivity!

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