Spacearium by Aquarium ASP

Some apartment dwellers can't have furry, large, or noisy pets. But fish are almost always allowed. These aquariums by Aquarium ASP in Montreal are different from most in that they're flattened, making them part aquarium and part space divider...

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They mount on tubes that are actually the source for replenishing the aquarium with filtered fresh or salt water. So, the whole system's "hardwired" - no manual refilling.

Sounds convenient, but we wonder at what point the fish are no longer a pet but pure decor. These do make very cool space dividers for a small apartment: they're colorful, reflective, and allow light to pass right through them. Orders are placed by phone or email, and the whole system (with your custom-designed seascape) is delivered and installed in about four weeks. See more at Aquarium ASP.

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