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Even more Mid-Century Modern furniture stores to choose from. When you are shopping for an expensive item, like furniture, it is always nice to have a wide choice of potential resources. If you are into mid-century modern furniture, your cup runneth over, as we have found yet another DWR Lookalike with a full catalogue of classic modern furniture that can be shipped relatively quickly.

Spacify is an online/catalogue only operation that runs out of Redwood City, California and sells everything from children's bedrooms to lighting to office furniture to outdoor furniture. Home and office are covered here, and there are a number of items that we have not seen elsewhere, such as the Marcel Breuer bookshelves above ($1,807), the Pascal Bed ($2,582), and the Bond Coffee Table ($395).

Spacify claims to offer great customer service and their prices are that same and lower than what we have seen elsewhere. While the website ain't too pretty, we would consider this is a good resource for home or office. MGR

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