Spam One-Liners by Linzie Hunter

Spam One-Liners by Linzie Hunter

Laure Joliet
Jul 25, 2008

Check out this great take on spam email and let us know what you think!

Few people are moved to do more with spam email than send it straight to their mailbox's trashcan before even blinking. But London-based illustrator Linzie Hunter found a way to make these annoying emails into art: She took the subject lines, which were often completely ridiculous and nonsensical, and created colorful images that experimented with hand-lettering.

Her work has received a lot of attention, and she has a book coming out this fall called Secret Weapon: 30 Hand Painted Spam Postcards. Obviously a very gifted and creative artist, Linzie shows just a sample of her talent with the Spam One-Liner prints. Browsing her Flickr photos gives you an inspiring glimpse into her design process, as photos show her lettering sketchbooks, published illustrations, and doodles. You can purchase Linzie's Spam One-Liners at Thumbtack Press for $24.99 - $29.99. - Kristin

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