An old neglected tablet PC, $16 worth of Home Depot melamine shelving, and an arcade joystick all came together to become one impressive mini-tabletop gaming machine...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
"Old refurbished tablet PC, it was missing the HDD, the lid will not close, some of the covers wont stay on, missing keys, but other than that, it works fine, all I are is about the screen and sound."

This expert mode DIY project by casper36's cost about $200 total, with big savings after nabbing a non-working tablet PC for just $50 and fixing it himself; about a week and half worth's of time went into putting it all together. Not as insane as my friend's full head-to-head cabinet, but for small spaces, this tabletop version gets my one up!

More of the Mini Arcade Cabinet here.

(Images: casper36)