The Biggest Prizes Ever!

The Biggest Prizes Ever!

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 12, 2012

Dear Readers,

This year we've structured our annual Design Showcase differently to remove unbridled competition and emphasize each exhibitors merits and support self promotion. I am so happy that we won't be dealing with regular contest voting this time around. However, I am pleased that we will be awarding our biggest prizes ever: $40,000 in advertising to those exhibitors who stand out in different ways. I also hope that this provides extra incentive for all you talented creatives out there to submit by Friday!

This year there will be four prizes for special distinction and each one will be $10,000 in advertising on our site in the form of a custom sponsored post to run between now and New Year's. Each prize will be awarded at the judges discretion, and the Reader Popularity Prize will be awarded based on a pooling of metrics and editorial judgement.

The Four Prizes for Special Distinction:

1. The Alicia & Robert Segal Unison Prize
2. The Jaime Derringer Design Milk Prize
3. The Bradford Shellhammer Prize
4. The Reader's Popularity Prize

One day I very much hope that our online show will cross over into a bricks and mortar show where you can actually come, see and put your hands on things, but until then, this wonderful, virtual show is for you right here.

Final submissions have to be in by this Friday, Sept. 14!

xo Maxwell

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