(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

We're very excited to launch this new series of painting tips, hosted by Mark Chamberlain (our own specialty painter). We start the series with today's video: The Strié.

Strié Tips:
• Always start with a glossy coat underneath your glaze - this will keep your glaze from being absorbed by your base coat
• Strié Glaze recipe is: 1 part paint, 3 parts glaze, and 1 part glaze extender
• If you are using a metallic paint in your glaze mix, be sure to use acrylic glaze and extender
• If you are not using a metallic paint, it's preferable to use an alkyd (oil paint) glaze and extender, because it has more "open" time and will give a more sensual look
• Try variations - a traditional strié stroke is up and down, but here we have gone side to side to create a more "zen" feel, and it's also possible to do two brush strokes: one up and one down (see variation video below)
• The strié is a great technique to use in areas that have heavy traffic because it is easy to wipe clean
• Have fun!

• The Star: Mark Chamberlain is an artist, painter and decorative painter living in New York. He writes a column on Color for Apartment Therapy. He has a BA in Studio Art from the University of MN.

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