Spell It Out: DIY Alphabet Pom Poms

Mr. Printables

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I'm not sure why, but pom poms are so addictive. Why do we all love them so much? I thought it was just me, but it's clear from the amount of pom pom DIY's zooming around the blogosphere that poms are where it's at. So it's no surprise I nearly lost my marbles when I saw these amazing alphabet pom poms!

Luckily the tutorials includes lots of diagrams, because getting a letter to appear in your pom pom takes a little bit of brainpower. Creative blog Mr. Printables is up to the task, and you too can have a complete alphabet. Or, make a banner with a little message on it? Initials for your kids' backpacks? The possibilities go on and on!

(Image: Mr. Printables)

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