Spider... Relocation?

Spider... Relocation?

Jonathan B.
Jun 25, 2008

We've got too many roommates of the eight-legged variety. What to do?

We've scoped out the spider catcher over at AT:Chicago, but that seems a bit ridiculous; none of the many spiders we've seen so far have been of the hazardous sort, so we can just catch them and put them outside. We're working on reducing their food source, other insects, by patching screens and vacuuming out every little nook and cranny. But we'd like to encourage the spiders to take up residence elsewhere without resorting to Raid. Here are the folk repellent recipes we've found online:

  • horse apples or osage orange (do these even exist in California?)

  • boiling chewing tobacco in water, then spraying that water (yuck) plus lemon dish detergent around the house

  • chestnuts

  • mint

For our readers who might like a more permanent solution to their spider problems, we found a poison-free trap made by Victor for around $5 online; we've also seen these in hardware stores.

But if we just prefer to repel the spiders, rather than kill them, what works best in your experience?

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