Adding Splashes of Color to Brighten the Home Office

Whenever friends visit my apartment, they remark it's a “happy place” exhibiting a love of color. Playful shapes, patterns, and vibrant elements all reflect my affinity for the cheerful, and I'm always on the look out for a few more additions. Here are a few playful tech accessories currently on my Pinterest wish list for a future home office update project...

The Drawstring Lamp: These eco-friendly lamps are made from sunscreen materials originally used for curtains in big glass windows. Sweden-based studio, Design Stories, applied a drawstring to the window covering and realized they could hand-mold it into a desirable shape, thus creating a new overhead light. The result is glowing orbs of light in vivid colors, perfect for secondary overhead lighting in a home office.

Ballo Portable Speaker: Continuing my love of the round, the Ballo is a portable speaker that looks like a microphone without the handle. The Ballo was designed to attach to portable audio devices to amplify sound via 3.5mm jack wire and is available in a variety of fun colors to suit just about any style.

Colorful Cables: Eastern Collective mixes technology and textiles to add some variety to your standard connection cables collection. The 3-6 feet cable is available for Apple, Android, and Kindle devices, in a variety of connections. And a bonus is these cables should outlast regular ones, thanks to the additional durability of material wrapped around each cable.

Laptop Decals and Skins: Decals and skins offer an opportunity to break from the herd and personalize your laptop, so I couldn’t leave them out of this roundup. I like that they are temporary and you can stick them on and take them off when you tire of them. Various companies like Society 6 and Gelaskin sell a variety of full size skins, while Etsy has countless smaller decals available for embellishing laptops. 

(Images: 1. Drawstring Lamp, Merry Go Round, all other images as credited above)