Splashy Style: Dark-Bottom Pools

Splashy Style: Dark-Bottom Pools

Andie Powers
Apr 10, 2012
I have to admit that the thought of swimming in a black or dark-bottom pool makes me a little bit uneasy, but I'm also drawn to their mysterious and tranquil appeal. Aside from the luxurious look, a dark-bottom pool creates a mirrored effect on the surface of the water, reflecting the landscape around it. These pools (black-bottom pools, especially) reflect much less light, and therefore draw in natural heat from the sun, making them self-sufficiently warm. Would you ever install — or swim in — a dark-bottom pool?

1. This graduated depth pool was made with slate-blue tile to create a reflecting pool effect. From Sunset Magazine.

2. A black-bottom pool at Joel Schumacher's rustic Carpinteria, California home, from Architectural Digest.

3. This dark-bottom pool was situated to take advantage of gorgeous 360-degree views at Fred and Mary Constant's home in Calistoga, California. From Architectural Digest, June 2005.

4. A dark-bottom infinity pool in Malibu, California at the home of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, from Elle Decor.

(Images: 1. Norm Plate for Sunset Magazine, 2. Mary E. Nichols for Architectural Digest, 3. Architectural Digest, 4. Simon Upton for Elle Decor.)

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