Splurge, Save or Steal:
Chinoiserie Dragon Fabric

Schumacher's Chiang Mai fabric is a classic, and Chinoiserie lovers no doubt know it well. At $224 a yard, it's a spend-y choice, but also packs a punch in the form of a small pillow. If you still can't bring yourself to splurge, take a look at these two other options...

Dwell Studio worked with Robert Allen to create this vibrant version, called Ming Dragon, at a decidedly more do-able price. It's available for $58 a yard.

Last up is Loom Decor's budget option at $24 a yard. Their red Chinoiserie Dragon print is the spitting image of Dwell's, albeit in a slightly muted shade.

If you're in the market for some red dragon fabric, which would you choose?

(Image credits: Schumacher; Dwell Studio; Loom Decor)