(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Are you excited for the Olympics? Some of us were bubbling in anticipation months back! There's something about the international display of sport that inspires a certain amount of patriotism in me. If you feel that way too, here's some office and tech accessories that celebrate the Games.

If you're a fan of laptop skins, then Tamara Rodger's design is a good choice. It's available for a wide variety of Mac and PC sizes, as well as the iPad. While it doesn't offer a ton of physical protection, the vintage Union Jack juxtaposed with the Olympic rings should make any Brit proud.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Of course, there's all kinds of other subtle ways to bring the Olympics into your office space. I love Alejandro Giraldo's skull design (1) for this reason. For whatever reason, in my mind I imagine it could also double as the album art for Sex Pistols Olypmics tribute track. It's available as a framed print, stretched canvas, stationary or an iPhone skin.

I know what we're all secretly thinking. Quidditch should have been added to the Olympics roster this year. For $35.65, you can pretend like it's happening by snapping this Society 6 case (2) on your iPhone.

I'm into old school stationary. I think it's important to send people a personal note every once in a while, so I keep a big stack in my desk. These Tower Bridge 2012 cards (3) would be a great addition for this summer.

The messenger bag is the go-go gadget bag of the modern office warrior. This unisex, vintage inspired, bag from the Olympics shop (4) commemorates the 80s Olympics in Moscow. At $43.50, it's not a bad deal either.