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I live smack in the middle of Big 10 country, in a city with six major sports teams and endless numbers of enthusiastic fans. With the Final Four looming, college flags are hanging in more than one window. Baseball season brings team-themed chairs to local stores, while winter arrives alongside logo-covered blankets. Sports décor may not be for everyone, but it is beloved by many people. So I'm curious — what's your take on it?

Is it just a fun nod to a favorite team that shouldn't be taken too seriously? Is it only suitable for tailgating? Is it just a question of moderation — for example, a Giants blanket versus a Giants-themed family room? You can find everything from franchise-approved lamps to bedding to armchairs, and for the more restrained, there's cups, coasters, and vintage photos. There are plenty of impeccably styled homes that include just a hint of the owner's favorite team, for example, in a framed stadium lithograph. Do have have any sports decor in your home? How far would you go (or have you gone) with it? Share your thoughts below.

(Image: Image: Vintage Baseball Coasters on Etsy from Cheltenham Road)