Spot of Sun: Using Yellow Accents in the Kitchen

Spot of Sun: Using Yellow Accents in the Kitchen

Leah Moss
Mar 18, 2009
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Taking to heart our readers' suggestions to add a dose of color to my modest galley kitchen renovation, I began sifting through their ideas for the perfect accent. I thought I had written yellow out of our culinary life forever after tiring of sunny walls in our last kitchen, but then I came across AB Chao's glorious kitchen redo , and my heart skipped a beat. Here's a peek into her incredible kitchen as well as into a few other blank canvas kitchens that rely on yellow for a punch of color...


1 You might remember AB Chao's awesome Louisiana house tour from a couple years ago. Well since then, she's made her pad even more fabulous. With the help of friend, Lori Andrews aka the 10 Cent Designer, her kitchen is just about as refreshing as a cool cup of lemonade on the beach.

2 It's amazing how just a few punches of color enliven the entire space.

3 A view of AB Chao's breakfast nook.

4 Another example of the power of yellow from Living Etc.

5 Even one poster has a big impact.


6 This is more color than we'd want to add in our own kitchen, but I love the bright shock of color.

7 Yellow in a country kitchen.

8 A simple dose of color.

(Images: 1-3: The 10 cent designer's photostream via flickr, 4: Living Etc., 5: House Beautiful, 6: Canadian House and Home, 7: Country Home, 8:Sunset Magazine )

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