Spotted: Ultimate Dad Sprinkler Moves

Spotted: Ultimate Dad Sprinkler Moves

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 20, 2011

Although we spend a great deal of time talking about products that our children will enjoy, it's nice to take a few minutes and reflect on the things we really get into as well. Allison and Jeff's daughter Elsa recently turned two and at the party there were some serious sprinkler moves being tested out.

Elsa's friends and family all got in on the action as every new sprinkler must be properly tested and broken in (right?). Plus, it doesn't hurt to show off your sweet moves and let your kids think you're a superhero for a bit once you show them all you can do with a simple toy!

Elsa's party had amazing invitations, decorations, food and fun. Make sure to check out all the details over at Deuce Cities Henhouse.

(Image: Deuce Cities Henhouse)

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