Spring Cleaning with Caldrea

Spring Cleaning with Caldrea

Julia Cho
Mar 29, 2007

We love spring cleaning! There's nothing like opening all the windows and letting that spring-scented air in while you put away winter wools and freshen up your home.

But while you're doing all that cleaning, you may actually be polluting your home- if you're using harsh cleaning products with lots of chemicals. Especially with babies and kids- it's wise to use natural cleansers. After all, we want fresh, spring air- not toxic cleaning fumes! That's where Caldrea Cleaning products come in.

The mission of Caldrea is "to create a premier homekeeping experience through beautiful cleaning products and passionate know-how." And they really are beautiful cleaning products. We find ourselves so drawn to these beautiful bottles every time we run across them.

There's a whole section devoted to baby's room including Sweet Pea Laundry detergent, air freshener, and even a diaper pail freshener. You won't have to worry about any harsh chemicals here- just the soft scent of sweet pea.

Now, we realize these are expensive for cleaning products- that's why we are "drawn" to them in the store but have yet to purchase them!

But...spring only comes once a year- and if you're ever going to splurge on cleaning products- now seems like a great time. Orders of over $60 include free shipping through March 31st only (for Spring Cleaning Week of course). You can also find them online at egiggle.

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