Freshen Up Your Home Office in Spring Green

Freshen Up Your Home Office in Spring Green

Chris Perez
Mar 25, 2013

Spring has officially begun and if you're not yet seeing green in your part of the world, then who's to stop you from jumpstarting the season with some green accessories for the home office. Bring on the green brigade!

Green is a popular color choice for the home because it evokes the thoughts of nature. If your home office space also happens to peek outside then this spring green shade will also serve to connect the indoors with the out.

• 1. Textile Cord — I've been on the lookout for textile cord and this bright green hue of lamp cord is pretty reasonable at $20 for 15 feet.

• 2. Great Balls of Wire — This cord management solution is cute and effective with this pac-man-esque design

• 3. Sayl Chair - Yves Behar is everywhere these days. This office chair designed in conjunction with Herman Miller is part of the reason why. Practical and affordable for a high-quality modern that's destined to become a classic. 

• 4. Swatch Touch - Even Swatch is getting in the touch game with this fun watch design with a touch-sensitive screen.

• 5. Magic Green Box - This metal box is timeless and a great organizer for the office. 

• 6. Dinosaur Planter - Dinosaurs will always be cool - especially ones that double as planters.

(Images: as linked above)