This Weekend: Lighten Up Your Living Room

Well-being is influenced by the things we do deliberately to make ourselves happy, and that includes how we shape our immediate environments. This weekend, walk away from winter and make your home a more buoyant and cheerful place to be. It's guaranteed to lift your mood and make you smile.

This Weekend's Assignment: Help you and your living room shake off winter and get in a spring mindset.

Brighten Your Space: Literally lighten your living room by maximizing what sunlight you have, or tricking yourself into thinking there's more light than there actually is.

Spring-ify Your Stuff: Swap out any decor thats remind you of cold weather, store your throw blankets in a closet, and introduce a few new (or new-to-you) things that boost your mental and physical energy levels.

Remember, as with all of our Weekend Projects, just do what you have the time and energy to do. If you only get a change to swap out some pillows, pat yourself on the back anyway. Because your home is brighter than it was yesterday!

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Check out the 2016 Plan for a Healthy & Happy Home to access Weekend Project ideas and download our March Home Checklist if you haven't already. It's a great, low-pressure way to keep your life running smoothly and maintain a happy & healthy home!

(Image credits: Apartment Therapy ; Ashley Poskin)