(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The home takes center stage during the holidays, and we've been doing a little freshening up here and there to get things ready before the actual decorating happens. Below find our ideas as well as a few from Parenting.com...

Ideas from Parenting.com:

• Sometimes it's those little things like a stain on a couch or elsewhere that unconsciously get on our nerves. Cover it up with a great throw pillow or blanket if you can't get it out after one final attempt.

• Tackle clutter with some new baskets or storage bins.

• Freshen up the bathroom with a special soap, guest towels, and maybe a new shower curtain.

A couple of things we did:

• Bought a new drain for our kitchen sink- the current one wasn't working great and what a difference this simple change has made in our daily dishwashing!

• Framed a few newer family photos.

• Bought a few new storage bins for miscellaneous toys, etc.

• Changed our sheer curtains to heavier ones.

The sprucing up you do doesn't have to be costly or large-scale. Just think "family", "homey", and "warm" and leave yourself with a clean canvas ready for the holiday decor.