Squalor Survivors

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Fess up. Ever wondered how much worse it could get? Ever thought that you were messy and everyone else wasn't? Meet the Squalor Survivors website, a painful site with a hopeful message, hosted by Pigpen:

I'm Pigpen and I used to live in squalor.
I spent a lot of time and energy trying to hide the true state of my house - clutter and mess - from people. Finally, I realized I had a real problem. I worked to change how I thought about, and kept, my house. My house isn't messy any more.

This is a support group for people who have excessive mess, but much of it would ring true for those who battle against clutter:

...The mess costs. You pay extra in late fees because you lost the bill in a pile. You pay twice, or are denied a refund because you can't find a receipt.....

Consisting of before and after photographs, forums, stories and resources, this is strong medicine. We don't recommend this site for those with a weak stomache. (Thanks, Nora!) MGR

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