Square-Drive Screws

Square-Drive Screws

Regina Yunghans
Feb 15, 2008

They say god is in the details. Do you work on DIY projects at home? Are you looking for a way to make them a little different in the details?

We think one way to add a special touch to DIY woodworking projects is using hardware with a twist. Rather than standard, phillips head screws, it can be interesting to use square-drive screws like the one pictured here...

Look around: on the subway, in elevators. You'll see screw heads with several different shaped drives: squares, two holes, hexagons. Unique screw heads can add that extra special detail that pushes your project to the next level. Here are just a few places to buy them online:

  • Bag of 100 Flat Head Square Drive Standard Screws at Amazon for, wow, only $2.80.
  • McFeely's, the square drive screw authority
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