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St. Louis, MO
Inspiration for my palette:
I was inspired by the room itself...the 13' high ceilings called for drama--so i painted the ceiling and the ceiling medallion something other than cream. I also wanted to highlight my vintage pottery collection. And what inspired lavender? I love it--and firmly believe in surrounding yourself with colors you love! But to keep it from getting too childish or flowery, I mixed it up with tangerine-red and mint, for what I like to call "grown-up lavender!"
Colors used in my room:
Warm lavender - a tad less saccharine than the princess/pony aisle of a toy store; tangerine red - a bright orange-y red, for pop; yellow/gold - I already had a couch, chair, and curtains this color (plus it looks good w/ lavender!); and mint green - a cool balance to all the warm.
Tips for using color successfully:
Work with your "givens" rather than fighting unchangeable (or not easily changed!) elements like trim and floor finishes, amount of natural light, etc. In this room, I went with a red-undertone, rather than blue, for my lavender, making the wood trim read a lot less orange-y than if i had used a more blue-lavender.
Grown Up Lavender