Stackable Oturakast Stools Go From Seating to Storage in a Snap

A fresh take on the stackable stool, the Oturakast works as an occasional seat, a dresser drawer, or a full-sized modular cabinet that stacks as high as you can reach. It's a brilliant small-space solution when you want to have company over, but don't want to waste a corner storing all those extra seats.Dutch designer Rianne Koens developed the Oturakast as individual drawers, each with its own set of foldable wooden legs. The legs fold out to form a standalone unit that functions as a seat, foot stool, or nightstand, and fold right back under to stack on other units and create a dresser.

The drawers are made of tulip wood with nubuck suede covering, and come in a range of sizes for everything from socks to tchotchkes. Stack a few sizes together for a fun and quirky cabinet!

Watch the building process of the Oturakast on Rianne's website.

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(Images: Rianne Koens)