Stacked Suitcases: Secret Storage

Stacked Suitcases: Secret Storage

Anna Hoffman
Jan 12, 2011

Stacking suitcases to form little tables or room accents is a popular decorating trick. It is an effective showcase for a vintage luggage collection, and it also adds texture and patina to an interior. But since January is a month for tidying and organizing, let's point out the sneaky double duty these stacks can serve: secret storage.

Using stacked suitcases for storage can turn a decorative accent into a functional object. If your home is deficient in the closet department, a stack of suitcases can fill the void. Use them to store winter sweaters (in proper storage bags and with cedar chips, of course) during warm weather and bathing suits and sundresses in the wintertime. If you're a sentimental mini-hoarder like me, suitcases can serve as beautiful storage boxes for keepsakes like wedding invitations and birthday cards.

You can find vintage suitcases at estate sales and flea markets, and there are lots of interesting examples available on Etsy (including Image 6). Stores like Grandin Road (image 7) offer brand new suitcases with vintage styling for non-crazy prices. (Jayson Home & Garden has classic vintage suitcases (image 8), but for crazy prices).

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