Move over clustered art trend. Staggered storage is the next big thing in trying-to-seem-haphazard-but-actually-carefully-arranged looks for the home. If you're into it, here are 10 sources, from affordable to astronomically priced.

  1. Canvas (based in New York with online shopping): Larder Shelves, $340
  2. BoConcept (online shopping & multiple locations): Wall System, $5,390
  3. Muunto (based in Finland): Shelving Collection
  4. Scandinavian Design Center (online retailer in Sweden): String Pocket, $105.71
  5. Smart Furniture (online retailer): Landa Floating Wall Shelf, $30
  6. Vivavi (based in NYC w/ online shopping): Brave Space Stagger Shelving, $3,575
  7. Jesper Office (online shopping & multiple locations): Expando Shelves, $300
  8. Lago (based in Milan): Wall Shelving
  9. Tema Home (online shopping & multiple locations): Domino Shelves, $492
  10. CB2 (online shopping & multiple locations): Hive Storage Unit, $80