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I was the kid in High School (well every grade really) who drew on her shoes, backpack, lunchbox, hand, and of course my friends faces with my beloved Sharpie. I'm still a fan of most their products so on a recent trip to Office Depot I actually said, "Oh snap!" when I walked past their latest product — and it's perfect for tweens and teens!
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Fabric markers aren't a new thing; they've been around for ages, but they've never really seemed bright or bold enough for my wild and crazy tastes. These new pens from Sharpie promise to be just that and are taking aim at the the kids who are already using their basic pens for such a purpose.

They don't appear to be sold in craft stores, we checked the basics (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns) and came up empty handed, but have tracked the down at office supply and art supply stores. They're available for purchase in 4 or 8 packs and prices vary accordingly. Read more over at the Sharpie Stainers website.

They'd be awesome for slumber parties and birthday bashes. Try customizing a tshirt, shoes, hair accessories and more. They'd also be awesome to design your own curtains, linens, pillows, or possibly even carpet tiles — look out now!

8 pack Stained Sharpie Set: for $18.28 from Amazon
8 pack Stained Sharpie Set: on sale for $14.49 from Utrecht
8 pack Stained Sharpie Set: for $18.99 from Office Depot
4 pack Stained Sharpie Set: for $9.99 from Office Depot

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