Clear stained glass is beautiful, clean and elegant. It lets in plenty of light, and unlike its colored counterpart, it doesn't feel old-fashioned. From ancient churches to 20th century architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, stained glass has proved it's a classic that's here to stay.

In addition to beauty, clear stained glass also has a practical purpose. It offers privacy while still allowing much light to pass through. This is true of panels with a high density of bevels, iron work or texture, like the one in Photo 3.

Shown above from left to right:
1. Geometric Double Bevel Arrow Tail, $115.00 from Halona Glass
2. No More Tears Clear Iridescent Stained Glass Panel, $175.00 from Stained Glass Turtle
3. Large All Beveled Stained Glass Window, $175.00 from Deb's Glass Art
4. Tilted Clears Stained Glass Window Panel, $76.00 from Love of Stained Glass
5. Beveled Star & Clear Textures Stained Glass Window Panel, $89.00 from The Glass Shire

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(Images: As credited above.)