The Staple-less Stapler

The Staple-less Stapler

No, that's not a UFO.

That's a stapler! Actually, "stapler" might be a bit of a misnomer as the thing doesn't actually employ staples. Remember hanging chads? Somehow, this little contraption uses a hanging chad to bind up to 5 pieces of paper together, just as well as a real staple.

This is the perfect example of one of those nice, small changes you can make that will cut down on just a bit of waste.

And, if everyone cuts down on just a bit of waste ... well, you know what happens.

Actually, according to ecofabulous, we would save 120 tons of steel if every office worker used one less staple a day for a year.

They come in a variety of colors and only cost $7.95. And besides, they're better looking than that 80-year-old Swingline that jams every single time we try to use it.

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