Starry Night: Fiber Optic Patio Lighting

Starry Night: Fiber Optic Patio Lighting

Taryn Williford
May 28, 2013

The weather's getting warmer, and there's nothing better than a night spent out on the patio under the stars. Unless, of course, you live in the city. The bright urban lights tend to drown out the sky's natural twinkle, so if you want a starry night outside, you'll have to create it yourself.

Imagine, instead of looking up, you look down to see a sea of stars twinkling below your feet. Not only is it possible, it's easy to do yourself. And energy efficient, thanks to LEDs and light-transmitting fiber optic cables.

Fiber optic lighting uses a single light source, typically a low-wattage LED. In these outdoor applications, that LED is housed in a small box away from your deck that's sheltered from the elements. The light then travels along thin, flexible fiber optic cables that end in bright points of light. All you need to do is then insert the ends of the cables into holes drilled in your decking. Because there’s no electricity or heat conducted, the cables and light are safe underfoot in even the worst weather.

We spotted these photos from Starscape, an online retailer in the UK who specializes in fiber optic lighting applications for the home. They sell kits stocked with all you need to tackle a starry deck at home on your own deck. These DIY Fiber Optic Lighting kits can be bought online Stateside, too.

Most kits fall within the $200-$600 range, depending on the size and scope of the kit (Amazon seller Unlimited Light has a bunch of options). You'll frequently spot them for sale as "Star Ceiling Lighting Kits," due to the fiber optics' most popular use as a ceiling lighting treatment.

via House Logic

(Images: Starscape)

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