Start Your Seeds In a DIY Growbox!

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If the Recycled Rotisserie Chicken Green House wasn't your thing (maybe you're a vegetarian?) for Starting Seeds for Spring, maybe you'd prefer this DIY grow box with LED lights.

I never would have guessed that LED's had the correct spectrum or intensity of light to "feed" plants but I guess I was wrong.

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The Cheap Vegetable Gardner has constructed a simple grow box consisting of nothing more than a Rubbermaid tub and some LED Christmas lights. The materials are simple:

  • 3 gallon Rubbermaid tub
  • 1 string white or blue LED Christmas lights
  • Drill with (1/4 in drill bit)
  • Hot glue gun

And the build:

  • Drill one hole for each light in the Rubbermaid tub.
  • Fit the lights through the hole and glue with the hot glue gun (if necessary)
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While I haven't done this yet, I'd imagine that coating the box with tin foil might increase the light intensity and serve as a radiant heat barrier to keep the box slightly warmer with not much additional work.

And here is the proof that it works!

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Cheap Vegetable Gardner via PlanetGreen.