Stay Warm in Geek Style with Polaroid Scarf

In case you didn't hear, we're in for six more weeks of winter thanks to one meteorologically prolific rodent. What a great excuse to grab a geek chic scarf inspired by that iconic instant film?

The Polaroid Scarf by Philippe Roucou was obviously designed in tribute to Polaroid's instant film photos.

The 100 percent silk square scarves (say that five times fast!) are decorated with a bunch of different "photos," all surrounded by that bigger-at-the-bottom white frame.

We dig the shot of the bed or the urban skyline, but there's plenty of pictures to choose from. The only problem is the "available for purchase by request." That means it would definitely stretch our annual scarf budget—which at the present is set to about $20 a year. Natch!

Via SarahSpy

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